Dec 3, 2016, 15:34

NY conservation officer wounded probing illegal hunting

GALLATIN, N.Y. Authorities say a New York state environmental conservation officer is hospitalized with a gunshot wound after being shot while investigating reports of illegal hunting. State police say two Department of Environmental Conservation enforcement officers were checking out reports of trespassing with shots fired around 5 p.m. Tuesday in the Columbia County town of Gallatin, 40 miles southeast of Albany. Troopers say Officer James Davey was walking in a corn field when he was hit in the pelvis area by a bullet fired from the rifle of a hunter, 54-year-old Alan Blanchard of Gallatin. Davey underwent surgery at MidHudson Regional Hospital and is listed in stable condition. Blanchard was charged Tuesday night with assault. He was being held Wednesday in county jail without bail. It couldn't be determined if Blanchard has a lawyer.



Building relationships key to game wardens preventing poaching

Above the Snowy Range, the sunrise painted the morning sky like fire spreading across an ocean. Drizzle fell from scattered clouds. A light breeze carried the smell of damp earth and dead leaves. Scant light filtered through beetle-killed conifers Oct. 29, silhouetting Wyoming Game and Fish Department Senior Game Warden Bill Brinegar and U.S. Forest Service Officer Hannah Nadeau as they looked over a fence into Colorado. “One really nice thing about this job is the sunrises and sunsets,” Brinegar said. Nodding, a smile spread wide across Nadeau’s face. Brinegar said Nadeau was helping him respond to reports of Colorado hunters crossing into Wyoming to kill elk. “(Game wardens) are spread pretty thin,” he said. In the middle of a muddy road barely wide enough for an all-terrain vehicle, the two discussed several calls regarding people crossing through a nearby barbed-wire gate marking the Wyoming-Colorado border. Nadeau pointed to fresh tire tracks leading through the gate. Brinegar cocked his head and listened. “I thought I heard an ATV,” Brinegar said. No signs marked the fence line as a state boundary, but the game warden explained nearly all hunters carry Global Positioning Systems that would indicate it as such. For about an hour, the duo waited — Nadeau sipping coffee from a Thermos lid and Brinegar scratching his short, brown beard while listening to the forest.

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Trail Camera Catches Poachers, Oklahoma Game Warden Says

Oklahoma game wardens say these two men poached a deer Friday, Nov. 11, 2016.

LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A trail camera caught the action as two men illegally shot a deer from a vehicle and public road Friday, November 11 in Lincoln County. Photos released by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation show two men in a black, four-door Chevy Silverado pickup. The older of the men - a passenger in the truck - can be seen taking aim through the window. Other photos taken from surveillance video show the men crossing the fence to get the dead deer and drag it back to their truck.

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Conservation Office looking for elk poacher in upper Pitt


B.C.’s Conservation Officer Service is seeking the public’s assistance in tracking down the person or people responsible for killing a 700- to 800.-lb, five-point male Roosevelt elk last month. The animal was found near Vickers Creek in the northeast part of upper Pitt Lake.   Photograph By Submitted Photo 

There has been a setback in the effort to re-establish the Roosevelt elk population in the upper Pitt Lake area after a poacher or poachers shot and killed one of the animals late last month. Now, B.C.’s Conservation Officer Service is on the hunt for the person or people responsible and is asking the public for any information that could help in the investigation. “We think most likely… there are other people out there that know about this but aren’t saying anything,” said conservation officer Robin Sano. “We are requesting information from anyone that may have seen any suspicious activity.

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24 hours after alleged fight with game warden, man arrested at Wal Mart

AUSTIN - After evading police for nearly 24 hours following an alleged assault on a game warden, a Central Texas man was arrested near a Wal Mart in South Austin Tuesday morning. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the man -- who had five felony warrants out of Live Oak County -- allegedly got in a fight with the game warden over weekend. Officers tried to arrest him at his home Monday, but he wasn't there.

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Oklahoma City water leak investigation leads to reptile confiscation

Workers trying to locate a water leak at an Oklahoma City house this summer couldn't find any broken pipes but instead discovered a "moat" being constructed for the homeowner's extensive collection of reptiles. In August, workers went to 1901 S High Ave. to investigate an excessive amount of water being used. They located several cages containing reptiles and ponds "described as a moat," investigators said. The homeowner, Lawrence Christopher Curtis, 62, had more than 100 species of reptiles, mostly snakes. Around the house were several outbuildings, ponds and holding tanks where reptiles were being stored, a state Wildlife Conservation Department game warden wrote in a search warrant affidavit.

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Fish and Game decoy nabs road shooter


KETCHUM — Shortly after sunrise, a cow elk and her calf pause in a small clearing, looking toward the pair of hunters walking up Warm Springs Road. One man kneels on the edge of the road, aims his rifle and drops the cow with a single, perfectly placed shot. She falls on one side with a thud, revealing that her other is nothing but plywood. Her head pops off, tumbling a few rolls down the slope. And Alex Head, carrying a gun belt and handcuffs under his camo, steps out of the bushes.

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Vancouver Island man convicted of harassing nesting eagles with a drone


In May of 2015, a concerned nature photographer spotted a drone operating in close proximity to a nest occupied by adult and baby bald eagles at a Nanaimo waterfront park. He says the eagles were extremely agitated by the small unmanned aerial vehicle and at one point, a flightless baby climbed out of the nest and sat on the edge where it was at risk of falling. The man reported the incident to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service and Friday the drone’s operator was convicted of harassing the nesting eagles. The Vancouver Island man was handed a $230 fine.

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PGC busts major deer poaching ring in Wayne County

When a search warrant was executed last November at a Honesdale man’s residence, the search turned up evidence he was selling drugs, unlawfully possessing firearms, and involved in a large-scale deer poaching operation. Pennsylvania State Troopers from the Honesdale barracks and Wayne County Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer Frank Dooley arrested Leroy D. Catania, 31, Honesdale, on drug charges and several game law violations. “Catania has been a serial game law offender for years,” Dooley said. “He was previously cited for numerous game law violations and was on hunting license revocation at the time of his arrest.”

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