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Indiana Conservation Officer Rescues Flood Victims

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Brown County's flood warning has been extended to 9 p.m. Thursday as water continues to rise around the county -- taking some vehicles with it.

Thursday at about 2:30 p.m., a sport-utility vehicle was swept off the "first slab" on State Road 135 South, just south of State Road 46. The driver escaped to the roof of his Jeep and made it to dry pavement shortly after the call for help came in.
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Hefty Fines and Hunting Suspensions for Three Deer Hunters

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Three Ontario men have pleaded guilty and been fined a total of $5,000 for unlawfully hunting white-tailed deer.
Andrew McCullough of Tamworth was fined $1,000 for hunting white-tailed deer during the closed season; $1,000 for having a loaded firearm and discharging it from on top of a vehicle; and $1,000 for making false and misleading statements to a conservation officer during an investigation. He also received a three-year hunting suspension.

$16,400 in Fines and Hunting Suspensions for Illegal Moose Hunt

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Five Ontario men were fined a total of $16,400 and received hunting license suspensions for an illegal moose hunt and an attempted cover up in 2011.

Jan Kuczek of Schomberg pleaded guilty to illegally party-hunting moose, failing to immediately attach a game seal, possessing wildlife illegally taken, buying game wildlife, selling game wildlife, depositing material on Crown land and unlawful possession of a trap. Kuczek received fines totaling $5,000, was issued a one-year hunting suspension and cannot apply in the Moose Adult Validation Draw for an additional two years.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officer Announcement

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This is an opportunity for you to protect Alberta's fish and wildlife resources. Your daily duties will be varied, often exciting and always meaningful, as you conduct education, prevention, and enforcement activities. One of your primary responsibilities will be to enforce federal and provincial laws and regulations relative to fish and wildlife resources. This includes responding to complaints and patrolling a designated district by truck, all-terrain-vehicle, snowmobile, watercraft, and aircraft or on foot. You will inspect commercial operations, conduct surveillance, gather evidence, execute search and arrest warrants, organize and conduct investigations, interview witnesses and suspects, prepare trial briefs and testify in court.


Eyes In The Air: States Move To Ban Drone-Assisted Hunting

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Some states are taking steps to shoot down drone-assisted hunting before the airborne gizmos catch on with hunters and alter forever the pursuit of big game under traditional rules.

Alaska this month became the third state recently to take action. On March 17 the Alaska Board of Game approved a regulation that would prohibit hunters from spotting game with unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. It is expected to become law July 1.

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Four Plead Guilty In Washington County Wildlife Killing Spree

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During a four-week period in the fall of 2012, hunters went on a poaching spree in Washington County killing or wounding more than a dozen deer, three cows, protected birds and other types of other wildlife.

After receiving an anonymous tip, Idaho Fish and Game officers identified the four men responsible for the carnage: Kaden Skinner, 19, Weiser; Brady King, 19, Meridian; Vaughn Drake, 19, Meridian; and Nathan Graham, 19, Meridian.

During the course of the 18-month investigation, investigators recorded 65 violations, including 23 felonies and 29 misdemeanors, against the four individuals. Several other associates were found to be in violation, but were granted immunity in exchange for their testimony against the four suspects.

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British Columbia Conservation Officer Announcement

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Great job with real impact! An amazing opportunity to be placed on our Province-wide eligibility list for future openings.

The Conservation Officer program typically involves up to 1 year of training including completion of our Western Conservation Law Enforcement Academy (WCLEA) Recruit Training (4 Months) followed by COS Field Training where you are assigned a Field Trainer (6-8 Months). Upon successful completion of WCLEA, you will be eligible to be placed into one of our vacancies throughout the province of British Columbia and commence the New Officer Field Training program.

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Montana Criminal Investigator Position

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Conducts investigations of commercial and serious wildlife violations. Investigations consist primarily of covert methods. Works with and assists other law enforcement personnel in matters other than wildlife violations, such as livestock, narcotics, thefts, assaults, or other crimes. Works with and assists federal and other state wildlife agents on interstate wildlife violations. Documents evidence, writes reports, and testifies in court. Working hours and days off are irregular with the potential for long-term assignments at the discretion of management.
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Oyster Poachers Found Guilty with Help of New Radar Network

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MLEIN screenshot of the Catlins’ dredge boat inside sanctuary boundaries.In the first major courtroom test of the Maryland Natural Resources Police’s newest enforcement tool, two Somerset County watermen were found guilty Monday of harvesting oysters from a State sanctuary.

Officers used the Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network (MLEIN), a radar and camera system, on Nov. 25 to track a vessel moving in and out of the Somerset Sanctuary in Tangier Sound. They subsequently charged William Cloyde Catlin and Irving Lee Catlin with dredging in the protected area.

District Judge Paula Price ordered the vessel’s captain, William Catlin, 64, of Upper Fairmount, to pay a $1,000 fine ? $550 above the preset fine ? and the mate, Irving Catlin, 55, of Westover, to pay a $450 fine. She gave them 30 days to appeal.


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Winter 2014 International Gamewarden

Adapting To Change,
The Key To Successful
Conservation Law Enforcement:
Automated Records

Indiana Conservation Officers needed to be able to cite the new statute correctly and to thoroughly document evidence, witness statements, and other information to support the charge in an incident report. That meant our automated records management system (RMS,) where all our incident reports are created and maintained, needed to adapt to this change.

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