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What motivates people to poach?

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Partney Case, MissouriPoachers take animals for a variety of reasons. The hides, skins and other parts may be used for clothing, food, folk medicine, jewelry, and trophies. Some animals are captured live and used in the pet, falconry, or live trophy animal trade. Some people poach because of deeply rooted beliefs that these activities are acceptable. Some poach just for the thrill of it. They may also poach to market them selves as a great guide, or to promote a product. They operate year round with any method that produces results at low risk. Many poachers are also involved in other illegal activities.


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Nevada Depatment of Wildlife Has a Historic Mission

Since the early days of wildlife protection, the job of a Nevada game warden has grown to include public safety, boating enforcement, search and rescue, and every manner of police work. Game wardens are some of the few public servants working in Nevada's far-flung places, and at the heart of their work, just as in any wildlife agency, is a never-ending mission to eliminate poaching.

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