Officer Memorials

Aug 19, 2018, 3:24

These pages include information on the officers who have died in the line of duty since NAWEOA was incorporated in 1980.

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A complete listing, including line of duty deaths prior to the formation of NAWEOA, is being assembled.
If you have information regarding a wildlife officer who died in the line of duty -
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The Fallen Officer Fund was originally founded in 1991 by the officers of Alberta. Originally referred to as the “50-50” or “Memorial Fund”, the officers made a generous contribution of $20,000 at the 10th Annual NAWEOA Conference in Red Deer. The fund was primarily developed to provide assistance to the families of fallen officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the protection of our natural resources. To date, the Fallen Officer Fund has made a total financial contribution in excess of $200,000 to the families of 85 fallen officers who have been recognized by NAWEOA. A $2,500 contribution is made to the family of a fallen officer; the fund may also provide a $100 memorial cheque for those who do not meet the criteria for a fallen officer payment.

Currently, the Fallen Officer Fund is supported exclusively by 53 different individuals and organizations that make voluntary contributions when an officer is recognized as being lost in the line of duty or otherwise. Upon notification of a fallen officer, fund members generally contribute $50 USD or $50 CAD, depending on their respective home country. In addition, some individuals or organizations make a larger contribution per officer. For example, the Conservation Officers of Pennsylvania Association (COPA) as well as the Oklahoma State Game Warden Association make a $100 contribution per fallen officer rather than the $50 support. Other organizations make an annual contribution regardless of need and, in return, they are not asked to submit an individual payment upon the death of an officer.

NAWEOA provides support to the fund in the form of administrative services and by absorbing costs to administer the fund and make payments when necessary.

Fund contributions are tracked separately from regular NAWEOA funds. Those individual members or organizations that contribute to the fund are documented and these records, as well as other Fallen Officer Fund information, can be found by visiting the private area.